Physical Therapy

We’re helping people get care and feel better at home

Our clinical method combines exceptional therapists, in-home care delivery, and integrated care coordination to ensure that each and every patient reaches their recovery goals.

Proudly serving patients across the United States.

Clinic-based care doesn’t work for most patients

Sadly, no-shows, cancellations, and drop-outs are the norm in physical therapy.

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21% of patients who are prescribed physical therapy never start treatment.

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Only 30% of patients who start physical therapy finish their care plan—the rest give up!

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42% of patients report being dissatisfied with their physical therapy options.

Clinic-based care doesn’t work for most patients

Whether you’re recovering from surgery or trying to regain strength and mobility, Luna makes it easy to do physical therapy from the comfort of your home.


Find a therapist

Luna will match you with an exceptional therapist who is an expert in your condition.

Receive care on your time

Your therapist will come to your house for 45-55 minutes of uninterrupted, 1:1 treatment.

Heal faster with Luna

In-between sessions, your therapist will prescribe you custom exercises through the Luna® app.

Did you know...over 10,000 physicians actively refer to DDA?

DDA vs Clinic

No matter how you pay for treatment, there’s no prescription required to start.

Use insurance or pay a flat fee

No matter how you pay for treatment, there’s no prescription required to start.


Commercial insurance

Same co-pay

You’ll pay the same that you would pay to visit a clinic, not a penny more. We accept all major insurances and Medicare.


$0 per visit

Most Medicare plans with a secondary cover your entire cost. You’ll pay nothing to Luna.


$125 per visit

You won’t be charged until after your visit is completed.

Why in-home PT is better

More convenience means our patients actually complete their care plans.

1:1 personalized treatments

45-55 minutes of in-person care means faster recovery in fewer treatments.

Equipment comes to you

Your PT will bring a treatment table and a mobile kit. 90% of cases don’t need heavy machines.

Convenient care

Skip the clinic with no added fees. Covered by insurance and safely delivered to you on your schedule.